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Wow oh my goodness, it's been so long since I've posted anything to my journal! To be honest, I never really got into posting anything through LJ, even when I first made my account. OTL.

I much prefer being on Tumblr for the past few years [[link]] but I've thought of maybe spending more time on LJ as well (because I obviously have extra time to spend. To be honest, I have a midterm exam tomorrow and I should be studying but, instead, here I am).

My main reasoning for hopefully becoming more active on LJ is possibly filling some prompts on my favourite kink memes and not just being Anonymous about it, but we'll see how that goes!

I also want to change my theme on here omg why did I think this was a good idea all those years ago, lol. I should have at least made it something fandom related.

happy b-day! :D

Happy Birthday dbsk_xiah ~! Hope you have a great one! ^_^

EDIITTT!! : (early one! :D. livejournal said it was today, but i just found out from ur sis that it's not X)

And on another less happy note, I'm gonna fail my science test today :C

EDIITTT!! : yay, I'm pretty sure i didn't fail! :D

I'm actually having a bit of an issue here. The thing is, not many of my friends have LJ, which sucks by the way, and so I'm trying to get some new friends over LJ. Apparently, some people aren't exactly 'talkative'... Maybe I should just check if there's a 'newbie' community, for people who just wanna meet new people. Anyway, I'm gonna start rambling about anything and everything. Today, in geography class, we watched this video some guy had made, and it was pure crack. There were bits of yaoi in there too. Like, random WTF yaoi. There was a part with Harry Potter and Indiana Jones lego people holding hands and running around 'happily' in a field. I mean seriously, Harry Potter can't be with Indiana Jones, he belongs to Draco Malfoy! ~_~

Oh well, I'm gonna end this here, because I seriously don't feel like typing. :)

Grimmjow <3

I kinda gave up on that GrimxIchi pic I said I would make, so instead I just made a Grimmjow one :D I'm not sure if that's how you spell his last name though... oh well


Well, I'm basically bored as fuck... I have exams next week, and I'm supposed to be studying, but being the idiot that I am, I'm not. Instead, I'm working on a GrimmxIchi pic :) I'll post it on here when I'm done.

First time on LJ !

I got "inspired" to join LJ because of a community on LJ that my friend showed me. The community is[info]6_15.
I also wanted to start posting some of my pictures that I've made on Photoshop, kinda like a way to put them up somewhere where I can show people without having to send them over e-mail and stuff. Anyway, I'm kinda drooling over Hichigo(Ichigo's hollow) from Bleach so I decided to Photoshop a picture of him ^_^ It's my  Userpic but I'm gonna put it in the post too. 

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